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"there has to have been something wrong, for it to have not worked out. there had to be something wrong with me if he didn't like me.

maybe i was missing something. maybe i had something he didn't want. but there had to have been something wrong with me. something."

"there was nothing wrong with you, and there was nothing wrong with him. it's just... the romance wasn't there."

"something had to have been wrong for the romance to be missing."

"see, that's where you're wrong.

just because something was missing doesn't make it bad. you have to realize: no romance isn't wrong. it just is."

"it's something missing, and isn't that–"

"that isn't wrong either. nothing was wrong with you. nothing is wrong with you. don't let yourself be validated by the attractions of a boy. you're worth more than his 'i love you.' you're worth your 'i love you.'"
Lee Jonghyun

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i can't help but think there was something wrong with me in this situation


there doesn't seem to be another answer

i can't think of another answer







skydragon masterpost

a shitty compilation of skydragon stuffs dedicated to sooriforever who ships this obviously alive pair with me. also created in attempts to convince the rest of my fandom friends to ship this. i know most of us all of us are smtown people mostly, but um…. just. go through it. and see. maybe.

i added fancams for most of the stuff but if you don't watch to watch them there are like a crapload of gifs to go along with everything cause i guess the skydragon fandom is desperate.

also not to say that this is to prove this ship is real because um obviously shipping is for shipping for the hell of it but also, um. just. go through it. and maybe. i don't know. you'll change your mind or something.

okay here it goes. my crappy skydragon mASTERPOST

also i'm both gd and cl biased if that like doesn't say already seem evident to you

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also if suddenly you are converted to this ship me and kimmy pretty much cry about them all the time together on twitter feel free to join us. or if not inform us of the latest skydragon stuff. they're performing together on sunday's inkigayo and apparently she rode in his car there i just lakdjfklajsdfkajsdf.

okay i'm done now. that is all.